Hi Dear friends

Hi Dear friends,

It has been a very, very long time. It’s not that I have not been thinking about you. I have. Often and with very fond memories. It’s just I would so frequently say I should send an update and then forget to. I apologise for that.

I have been very well. God is so good. I have been working and busy in this time, but also resting and calm. It’s been lovely to spend time with my family, both biological and in Christ. I’ve been getting to know my sisters in Christ here — a lot like homegroup 🙂 — and also getting to see all the things God’s been doing in my family. Especially for the latter, I believe it simply would not have been the same if I were only hearing about some of these things while in Cape Town. It’s like God’s given me a front row seat to his answering of the prayers that I, and probably you :), prayed for me in Cape Town. So that’s been amazing. For one, my family and I have been speaking a lot about Jesus and I know God is doing a special work in us. And He’s so faithful to complete it. And there have been wonderful testimonies I’ve gotten to witness concerning my sister Vanessa: from the clarity God’s given her to his faithful provision of all she needs, and His wonderful healing. So thank you for your prayers, I can testify that God has answered them!!

I also know He is answering the prayers about this visa situation. I’ve seen Him (often daily) answer even the smallest prayers tucked away in my heart so I know He’s bringing to light His wonders concerning our prayers about this visa.

I just wanted to write this so you know that I am doing well.  No cause for alarm or stress 🙂 — though I have been quite quiet, which is something I hope to get better at. God is always at work encouraging us, loving, ministering and leading the story of our lives so I just wanted to encourage you too :). Whatever season you’re in, He is holding the pen and is the most skilled and wonderful author the world has ever known.

Other general news:

Well, just to give a brief update in terms of the visa, we went for the general work visa this year and it was denied around July on the grounds of the Department of Labour Certificate. The company that wants to employ me has been so patient and steadfast in their commitment, which has been an amazing testimony. So one of the options we had available after that was applying for a waiver on the Certificate entirely, and therefore being free to apply for the visa without that document. We have applied for the waiver and now are waiting to hear back from Home Affairs South Africa.

One thing that’s been on my heart as I look at all the wonderful provisions God has made for this in the past and continues to make, is that it doesn’t seem that God’s given up on it so it helps me persevere and just be excited for what he has in mind.

In some exciting other news, I recently started working part time for a Canadian and Malawian organisation called Africycle. I am helping with their social media management and strategy. I thank God for it as it came at the right time and in the most amazing way. It also works so well with my schedule 🙂 (Greater discipline is something I’ve been praying about and work has helped a lot with this!) And I’m glad I to get to use the media side of my studies 🙂

Also my mum and dad opened a cafe right here in Thondwe. And we had lots of fun helping with the interior design and have also been drinking a lot of coffee and leftover cakes.

I really look forward to hearing how you are doing. I hope you’re having a lovely end to the year, and that you had a lovely time celebrating Christmas! Sending lots of love and look forward to chatting soon!

God bless you!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight. – Proverbs 3:5-6


P.S. There’s an article that previously really encouraged me called “The Waiting Game”… If you’re in a season of waiting on God do read it!



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