Folded hands in fingerless wool gloves

Knit Together

I remember coming across a poster for a knitting club. It seemed like a nice yet non-demanding activity to get involved in while at Barnard.

I wanted to go to many sessions, however I found myself busy often and only ended up going to one.

At that one session I walked in the room and I found just two other girls there. One sat at the desk near the entrance and the other was knitting by the seats. I went and joined the girl by the seats. She was very sweet and her and I sat knitting and chatting away for about an hour. We agreed that it would be nice to hang out again. Not long after, I had to leave for my next commitment.


We did hang out, eventually– some time towards the middle of the semester. She invited me for dinner at her place.

I got there early and we went to the store together to get groceries for dinner. While there she told me about an initiative she was involved in which helps sort through stuff Barnard girls are giving away to charity at the end of the semester. The initiative is called Give and Go Green (G&GG). She said that G&GG volunteers get to stay an extra week at Barnard for free as they help with sorting out the stuff, and are welcome to pick any of the things left by students. She encouraged me to get involved if I was interested.

What is amazing is that I had been looking for temporary accommodation for the final week that I’d be in the city– Barnard residences closed a week before my departure date and there was a charge of $100.00 per night for any one staying after the residences close.

With G&GG, students were given extended housing for that very week.

As an “ecorep” my friend was part of organising G&GG and she helped me and my roommates get our names down.

It was a lovely week, with the school and residence halls growing steadily quieter as students trickled out, classes done and the semester ending. I found a lot of stuff (one was a Columbia hoodie which someone was giving away—I hadn’t had enough to afford one at the store) and was able to stay the extra period, right up to the date of my flight.

I only ever went to knitting once, and God used the occasion amazingly. He planned that study break, meeting, and answer long before I knew I’d be in need of housing, and worked it together beautifully. May we trust Him to take care of every care– to weave His provision and faithfulness through every detail. Praise the LORD!

 “…You knit me together in my mother’s womb.”– Psalm 139:13

“You hem me in– behind and before…” – Psalm 139:5


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