The Story

This is a post I shared on Facebook in December 2014.

* * *

I am blown away by who Jesus is.

Remembering how amazing my journey in university has been I want to share a short story about how Jesus turns blunders into blessings:

In my penultimate year of high school (AS level) I didn’t do very well. Everyone said it was a jump from IGCSE to AS and my grades showed it. Even though the grades for this year would make up 50% of my final year grades I decided not to re-sit the exams like everyone else because I was applying for university in America and it didn’t seem my final A level grades would even matter. I aimed high- Princeton and a few other top universities. I even started a journal and hoped that by the time I finished it I would be in the States.

I didn’t get in to any of the universities, but with Princeton I did get to the stage of an informal telephone interview with a really nice Princeton alumnus. We added each other on Facebook and we stayed in touch- he even gave me advice about courses to take when I ultimately found out I got into UCT (another beautiful story).

At the end of my second year I got an email about an opportunity to go and study for a semester at Barnard College in New York. I applied and was selected for the interview. After the interview I was told I was one of the three girls selected to go to Barnard. (Barnard is part of Columbia University and the opportunity was extra special because it was a full scholarship covering tuition, the plane ticket and a monthly stipend.)

When I learned I was selected, I contacted my alumnus friend (the one I did the Princeton interview with) to let him know that I’d be in America (lol, such a long shot I know), specifically Manhattan. Amazingly, he told me that he’d recently moved to New York. We were able to meet soon after I arrived and in the last few days before I left he and his girlfriend took me and my flatmates out for dinner. Needless to say, they made my time in the City incredibly special.

I would never have imagined that God would so masterfully use my unassuming, disappointing university application. In the middle of what was already a blessed university experience at UCT, He granted my desire to study at a top university in America and used that very special phone interview. Also, that journal I’d started in high school? I took it by accident with me to America and finished it there!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.” -Prov3:5-6


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